MOD (Magic Oil Desulfurizer)

Sulfur is the most abundant element after carbon and hydrogen in petroleum products. In general, the amount of sulfur in the petroleum products varies depending on the source of the oil. Sulfur is generally present in both organic and mineral forms in petroleum products.


Sulfur removal from petroleum products is done for the following reasons:

  • Sulfur removal reduces or restricts corrosion during refining operations, transportation, and consumer devices, such as vehicles
  • Sulfur removal will remove bad smell of petroleum products
  • Sulfur removal prevents air pollution and prevents the release of sulfur dioxide in the environment during burning


  • Removing smell of oil products
  • This is a cool, non-heating system
  • It has neutral environment and environmentally friendly environment (green chemistry) and no environmental pollution
  • Solid and liquid catalytic resuscitation
  • Duration process is only 1 hour for liquid catalyst and just 5 minute for solid catalyst
  • Because of the neutral mixing environment in the process, nothing else is extracted except for sulfur compounds
  • This is a clean, low-cost, without any environmentally-harmful and destructive process that can be used in sulfur deactivation processes
  • Reducing corrosion and environmental pollution
  • Much faster and less expensive production process and much easier usage than similar ones
  • Recovery of solid and liquid catalyst


Technical data sheet and result test


Test Method: ISIRI 8402 & ASTM D4294


Environment Temperature: 22℃

Relative Humidity: 42%

Laboratory Pressure: 666 mm Hg



How to use this product for separate sulfur compounds from oil products is very simple and easy and does not require special equipment. As oil extraction companies can easily carry out sweetening operations on ships carrying oil products. The remarkable thing about this is that the water used in this process does not require any special features, and even with seawater, it is possible to run the process.

For this purpose, the product and water are combined with the specified percentages and the liquid formed from this compound must be added to the oil product and mixed with it. During this process, the water absorbs all the sulfur components in the oil product and completely separates from the desired product and it is possible to remove the water containing sulfur compounds easily from the desired oil product.

The interesting point is that after this separation, sulfur can be separated from the water and used to produce other chemical products. Water also returns to its natural cycle.