MCR (Magic Coating Resins)


Today, due to lack of energy resources and rising prices for energy carriers, the need to optimize its consumption is felt more. Among the solutions presented in this regard, the use of thermal insulators for energy storage is of particular importance. Insulators keep the temperature of the system in cold or warm mode, preventing energy waste into the environment and thus reducing fuel consumption and electricity.

High-performance heat-insulating materials, in addition to high thermal resistance and low thermal conductivity, also have other features. For this product, the high corrosion resistance along with the low thickness and ease of application of this coating is more than other common insulators in the market. In addition, this coating is made of high water and water based on water and prevents environmental pollution.

This coating has been developed using nanotechnology and its major composition is a nano-structure and polymer material. Due to its structural properties, this nanoscale material exhibits very low thermal conductivity. The very thin thickness of this coating is applied to insulate on different surfaces and thus a significant difference in temperature between the surfaces before and after the coating is observed. The number of layers required for this coating and its formulation are based on application, environmental conditions (industrial, chemical and construction) and surface temperature.


  • Durability of unrestricted cover for continuous fire
  • Thermal resistance up to 1680 degrees Celsius
  • Antifungal and mildew and resistant to insect penetration such as termite
  • Create thermal insulation up to 130 degrees Celsius
  • Create a thermal barrier and expansion to 750 degrees Celsius
  • Fire extinguisher by removing oxygen from the fire
  • Use of a slow burner with no secondary problems and environmental impacts and no emission of toxic gases and lines
  • Removing water from wood and slow down wood burning time by up to 25 times
  • Complete sealing of wood and its durability
  • Preparation of non-absorbable and antibacterial surface
  • Increased durability and resistance of wood against high humidity and acid rain
  • This coating, in contrast to other common materials, allows the water to be removed from the wood and prevents wood from corrosion on the inside surface and allows wood to breathe.
  • Absorbable coating created on the surface
  • It is possible to inject pigment into wood when using this Nano coating
  • Producing process is much faster and has much low cost


  • Oil and gas industries, power plants and chemical industries, textile industries, paper industry
  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Heat exchangers, boilers and reactors
  • Chemical transfer lines and steam pipes
  • Chemical and petrochemical refining lines
  • Industrial fittings, valves and equipment with complex shapes
  • Dyeing machines
  • And other heating equipment up to 200 degrees Celsius

Economic Advantages