New efficient desulfurization process of petroleum products

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With honor and proud we introduce a process that desulfurizes petrol and gas

Petro palayesh setareh gharn co Considering the activities of knowledge base as well as relying on the science and potential of the youth of our country in various fields has been able to carry out the first removal of sulfur compounds in the world in new ways in oil products and write this invention to number 45694. Sulfur is the most abundant element after carbon and hydrogen in petroleum products and the need to remove sulfur from these products is very important, as it is today in the first and advanced world countries This action is institutionalized and is done in a variety of ways Each of them has both disadvantages and advantages. The need to remove sulfur can be attributed to the reduction of corrosion, the elimination of bad smells of petroleum products, the prevention of air pollution and environmental pollution.

Our Products

MOD (Magic Oil Desulfurizer)

The MOD, based on its unique features, is the one and only one product in the world.

Most important features of MOD:
• Removing smell of oil products
• Reducing corrosion and environmental pollution
• Much faster and less expensive production process and much easier usage than similar ones
• No need to heating system
• Recovery of solid and liquid catalyst
• Duration process is only 1 hour for liquid catalyst and just 5 minute for solid catalyst

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MCR (Magic Coating Resins)

Industrial production of heat-resistant resins, high-performance coatings

Application as insulation of petroleum, gas and petrochemical pipes, and various types of metal and non-metallic surfaces, such as phenol-formaldehyde resin, water-soluble, etc.

Most important features of MCR:

• Durability of unrestricted cover for continuous fire
• Thermal resistance up to 1680 degrees Celsius
• Antifungal and mildew and resistant to insect penetration such as termite
• Create thermal insulation up to 130 degrees Celsius
• Create a thermal barrier and expansion to 750 degrees Celsius

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